” Our Vision is to provide a Community Centre that is warm, welcoming and equitable, reflecting the developing needs of our community.

Beachside Community Centre Inc. initially started in 1986. The then Child Adolescent and Family Health Service (CAFHS) initiated a new mothers coffee group at Moana and from this small group a community centre was established.

This group applied for incorporation with support from the Southern Vales Community Health Services and CAFHS and also negotiated for community use of a transportable building within the grounds of Moana Primary School. From this building Beachside Community Centre delivered programs which aimed to meet the needs of the local community, operating with support of volunteer co-ordinators. It was soon realised that a paid co-ordinator position was needed as the centre grew. The Management Committee was successful in gaining grant funding through Family and Community Services to employee a part time co-ordinator. The Centre continued operation from the Moana building site for 6 years.

As part of the Seaford Community Plan, Beachside Community Centre was identified as an important part of the human services provision for the Seaford area and a permanent site for the Centre was identified. In collaboration with Noarlunga Council and the Management Committee, a plan for a new building was developed. A grant from the Seaford Community Trust and input from council provided the finances needed and the Beachside Community Centre was built. The new premised was opened in September 1993.

A new direction for the management of Beachside Community Centre saw the Centre Co-ordination position provided by City of Onkaparinga and a Community Development Officer was seconded to work with the Management Committee.

In 1996 it was identified that the local community had grown considerably and Beachside Community Centre was “bursting at the seams”. A steering group was formed to collaborate with council, and after extensive consultation with the community, a new hall and a kitchen extension where planned.
The council (now the amalgamated City of Onkaparinga) committed considerable resources to this project and in February 1999, Beachside Community Centre had a new hall, the Surf Hall, with a capacity of 100 people seated, and a new kitchen sited between the original and new hall.

As there was some confusion within the community regarding the location of the Centre, Beachside Community Centre Inc. officially had a change of name, and became the Seaford/Moana Neighbourhood Centre Inc. in November of 1999 and continued to operate under this name until 2012.


At the Annual General Meeting in September 2012 the Management Committee made the decision to once again change the name of the Centre. The new name of Seaford Community Centre was chosen in order to simplify the naming and to acknowledge the Centre as a community space for the whole of the Seaford and surrounding areas. To date the centre continues to offer a wide variety of activities, courses and programs to people of all ages in the local community.

As of 2012, the centre operates with a part-time Community Development Officer, support staff and over 30 Centre volunteers who provide time and skills in a range of roles. We continue to aim to ensure that our community is provided with a warm, welcoming and safe place in which to participate in community life.

The ongoing partnership with City of Onkaparinga has evolved over many years.

Council has provided substantial funds for the establishment of the centre, with the current building initially funded by a 50% contribution from the then Seaford Community Fund and the other 50% by direct contribution from the City of Onkaparinga.

Thus the building is owned by City of Onkaparinga with the Seaford/Moana Neighbourhood Centre Inc. leasing the premises from council at a peppercorn rent.

Council’s responsibility includes employment of the Community Development Officer and maintenance of the building and surrounds. The Management Committee is integral in managing the day to day effectiveness and operation of the Centre; the applying for and acquitting of funds, marketing and promotion of activities, fundraising opportunities, and for the purchase of all equipment and assets; including all furniture, computers, tables and chairs, playground equipment, crockery etc.

The Centre and the council continue to work closely together on a number of projects and activities that happen at the Centre which are funded by City of Onkaparinga via the Management Committee.


Seaford Community Centre acknowledges the financial support of City of Onkaparinga which includes wages for the CDO, grants and support for building maintenance etc. As an Incorporated body, Seaford Community Centre is able to apply for grant funding and has been successful in attracting one off funds from several sources over the years. These include Community Benefit SA, Morialta Trust, The Department of Further Education Employment Science and Technology (ACE), The Premiers Department and the Office for Volunteers to name a few. The Committee and CDO are continually researching funding opportunities via grant applications and sponsorships.

The Centre is also hired out for use by a variety of groups and for parties, functions and weddings and income is received from courses and activities run at the Centre. We aim to keep charges to a minimum to ensure low cost opportunities are provided for people to participate with funding from grants and also fundraising being channelled back into the continued running of the Centre and the various activities that are on offer.